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Woods & Finishes

  • Highlights

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  • Wood Species Info

  • Wood Species Videos

  • Stain Process
  • Paint Process
  • Custom Paint
  • Glaze & Highlighting
  • Brushing
  • Sand-Through & Wearing
  • Aging

Custom Paint Program

  • Customers can choose any paint color from a Sherwin-Williams Color Deck

  • Only Sherwin-Williams colors will be accepted.  (Colors can be viewed at any local Sherwin-Williams location.)

  • 20% Upcharge for Custom Paint.  Note: this is in place of normal 10% paint upcharge, not on-top of normal paint upcharge.

  • Orders less than $15k list price will be charged an additional $750 (list) fee.

  • It is mandatory that an 8.5 x 11” or 12.5 x 15.5” sample door be purchased with job.

  • Customer must sign off on custom paint color after seeing mandatory sample.  

  • After mandatory sample is ordered, it typically takes one to two weeks for it to be delivered.  Then once customer signs off, job can be ordered, and standard lead times will apply.

  • See pg. D2 of Shiloh Spec book for additional details

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