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Woods & Finishes

  • Highlights

  • Highlights (cont.)

  • Wood Species Info

  • Wood Species Videos

  • Stain Process
  • Paint Process
  • Custom Paint
  • Glaze & Highlighting
  • Brushing
  • Sand-Through & Wearing
  • Aging

Paint Process

  1. Multiple passes through our sanding machines, this is a key step to improve quality and consistency 

  2. Primer applied, this seals the wood and builds a base for following steps (All product lines get primer.) This is gives better coverage and a smoother finish.  No one else at Aspect’s price point uses a primer.

  3. Primer is oven cured

  4. Second round of sanding, hand and machine sanded

  5. Spray machine applies paint

  6. Another round of curing in the oven

  7. Third round of sanding

  8. Optional glaze or highlight is applied

  9. Layer of clear conversion varnish top coat applied and baked on

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