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Woods & Finishes

  • Highlights

  • Highlights (cont.)

  • Wood Species Info

  • Wood Species Videos

  • Stain Process
  • Paint Process
  • Custom Paint
  • Glaze & Highlighting
  • Brushing
  • Sand-Through & Wearing
  • Aging

Stain Process

  1. Multiple passes through our sanding machines, this is a key step to improve quality and consistency

  2. Stain is applied, hand wiped or sprayed depending on what works best.  Our stains are oil based.

  3. Quality control to inspect color consistency

  4. Seal coated and oven cured

  5. Second round of sanding: hand sanded to prep the seal coat for additional steps

  6. Optional Glaze applied: wiped off by hand in Shiloh/Eclipse and drawn on in Aspect

  7. High quality conversion varnish applied

  8. Components are oven cured

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