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Woods & Finishes

  • Highlights

  • Highlights (cont.)

  • Wood Species Info

  • Wood Species Videos

  • Stain Process
  • Paint Process
  • Custom Paint
  • Glaze & Highlighting
  • Brushing
  • Sand-Through & Wearing
  • Aging
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  • No upcharge!

  • The process of sanding through the finish color on profiles of doors, drawer fronts, and other cabinet accessories

  • Is applied after finishing

  • Done to reveal the natural color of wood

  • Amount of sand-thru will vary from piece to piece

  • Not available on Metro doors


  • A random sanding to corners and ridges of doors and drawer fronts to remove the ‘sharpness’ of the pieces.

  • Wearing is done before finishing

  • No Upcharge!

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