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Overlay & Inset

  • Highlights

  • Standard Overlay Reveals

  • Full Overlay Reveals

  • Eclipse Reveals

  • Standard & Full Overlay Openings
  • Shiloh Inset Openings
  • Eclipse Openings

Overlay & Inset Specs Section Highlights

  • Standard overlay = 1/2” overlay w. 1” reveal

  • Full overlay = 1 1/4” overlay w. 1/4” reveal 

    • when using full overlay, the top rail of wall & tall cabinets will always have 1” reveal for moulding installation

  • Frameless = 3/32” reveal w. 21/32” overlay

    • Frameless always requires mounting strip for moulding installation. We recommend ‘3SRM’ moulding

  • Frameless available for the same price as standard overlay. Get the ‘Full overlay Look’ for less $$.

  • Inset & Beaded Inset available for same price as standard overlay. Great value!

  • Inset requires upgraded BluMotion® drawer guides

  • Inset has 3/32” gap around the opening

    • ‘Size the doors’

    • 6 way adjustable, concealed hinges

    • 5 degree back bevel on door edge to avoid ‘sticking’

  • Top drawer opening is made taller when using inset cabinetry to allow for 5 pc. drawer fronts. Doesn’t line up with ‘overlay’ if you’re designing with multiple overlay options.

Overlay Inset Option Tree PDF-1 (dragged).jpg
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