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Box Construction

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  • Eclipse Highlights

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  • Hinges (cont.)

Eclipse Box Construction


  • Super strong 3/4” box work

  • Doweled construction for accuracy and strength

  • Painted finishes will always have MDF finished ends

  • HPL, TFL, & Acrylics will have furniture board finished ends

  • One-piece, veneer matching finished ends.

  • Finished ends are no charge. Must be called out on the order

  • Top (walls & talls) and bottom (walls) of cabinets are automatically finished

  • 3/4” Furniture Board adjustable shelves

  • Wall cabinets are automatically 13” deep (16” deep when specified in the spec book)

  • Color coordinated edge banding

  • 4” wide stretchers for strength & for ease of installation

  • Double door cabinets from 24”w to 36”w are butt door

  • Cabinets >36”w up to 42”w have “Butt Door Look”

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